Geese Chasing Business


·      Pest control companies and

·      Goose control dog services

·      Great Lake cities; US and Canada

Before the Goosinator

Buster the Working Dog


·        Chase geese from parks, beaches, golf courses, athletic fields etc.

·        Gulls from golf courses, beaches, parks, athletic fields, resort lawns                and parking lots 

·        Running lots of running in hot, humid and icy conditions  

·        Swimming in cold, wavy, aquatic choked, swift current waters

·        Jumping out of kayaks and moving golf carts  

Physical and mental requirements;

·        Well nourished

·        Peak health and stamina

·        Super obedient 

After the Goosinator

Buster the Retired Dog

Duties; none

Physical requirements;

Find cool and/or warm spots, eat and sleep 

Dog Blog; from the mattress of Buster; “Lucky Jippy” 

·        For me, no more baths from running through goose and gull poop…..I HATE BATHS!

·        I loved eating goose poop but didn’t like getting yelled at and then getting diarrhea from eating it

·        I got embarrassed when I became too exhausted swimming after geese and my master had to call me in

·        I got scared when big aggressive Canada ganders sometimes tried to kill me by drowning

·        I’ve nearly gone into shock after chasing geese when it was too hot

·        My master had to save me when I fell through thin ice on the shoreline and couldn’t get out of the water

·        Once while swimming after geese in a swift river I barely made through the branches of a big tree that had toppled over into the water

·        Sometimes when I got really wet I’d get so cold in my kennel on the drive home that l couldn’t stop shaking until I was let into the house

·        One time when I was chasing geese in a park I lost track of my master and crossed a busy highway and ended up in a parking lot of a factory

·        I’ve had to go to the vet because I have lacerated my ear, punctured my paw, had a treble hook from a fishing lure embedded in my forearm, I had to wear a patch over my eye for three weeks from a bad scratch and was left behind for over a month after hyper extending my elbow chasing geese, I HATE THE VET!!

·        When Jippy is done working I love to sniff my old coworker, who is eight years my junior, but then I get worried he is going to take my warm spot and go back and curl up until dinner time

·        Because my master bought two GOOSINATORS he has taken our kayaks to the cottage and now I just get to go for rides, I LOVE KAYAKS!

·        Nowadays with the GOOSINATORS on nuisance bird patrol my master  often leaves Jippy home in unfavorable conditions

“Lucky Jippy” 

Got Geese, Gull, Double Crested Cormorant, Coot problems? 

Attention; National

·      Pest control companies

·      Geese chasing dog services


United States and Canada

·      Great Lake cities 

To speak to Buster’s staff at “Lucky Jippy” regarding the GOOSINATOR

Call: 920-207-4451

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