Finally! A Proven Method That Effectively Gets Geese off of Your Property Quickly and Efficiently

It Works On:

the grass

the water

the snow

the ice

and even the sand!


My name is Mike Ratcliff and I've been a maintenance tech and specialist at two golf courses for the last 17 years.....

.....Do you have a goose problem that you would like to eliminate?

If so, then you could be like city of Arvada and take care of your goose problem.  CHECK OUT THEIR VIDEO BELOW. Click the play button Now! 

I'm sure you're impressed by what you saw on the video.  (By the way, you can view a longer video by clicking this link.)  

Check out the Goosinator on the Ice in a Denver Park on 9NEWS:

And here again on Fox News:

You may also like to read about it at the Denver Post:  Just Click Here Now!

We also have more media at this Page!!

"This is the Best Geese-Control product that I've Ever Used. I've tried many other products and the Goosinator is by far the most effective. Within one week my customers asked me, 'Where are the geese? They're gone!' If you have a Goose-Problem, I suggest you call Randy!"  

                                                            Steve Bruening

                                                            General Manager

                                                            Riverdale Dunes & Knolls 

Happy Goosinator Customers 

At my present golf course, we have tried many different methods to scare geese away but nothing has been as effective as the Goosinator.

Our biggest frustration was chasing the geese off of the grass and watching them fly right into the lakes on our golf course.  Once they were in the water, we couldn't chase them any more.

As soon as we left the area, they would return to the grass and leave their "infamous signature" (See picture below).

A Golf Course Superintendent's Worst Nightmare

We needed a new technology that would chase them from the water.  After researching the problem, I came up with the idea of humanely chasing the geese away while making it easy for any property owner to operate........

Randy with the Finished Design

.........I contacted my brother-in-law, Randy Claussen, a design engineer and electronic technician, who developed this new fantastic tool.

With this new technology, we promise that you will be very satisfied with this durable product because it is:

  • affordable
  • easy to operate (one person can do it)
  • quiet
  • a quick solution for chasing geese
  • made of cutting edge materials
  • and cheaper and more effective than any goose chasing dog.


"We have tried so many different ways to decrease the damage geese do to our golf course.  This is by far the best purchase we have made in trying to decrease the damage and labor hours that geese cause.  We are looking forward to a spring when we don't have to spend countless hours repairing goose damage.  It is unbelievable we have zero geese now that the goosinator patrols our property."  

                                                                Jeff Stoumbaugh
                                                                Superintendent Member

The Greg Mastriona Golf Courses at Hyland Hills

We are a family owned and operated business that wants to help you solve your goose problem any way that we can.

Please feel free to e-mail or call us directly on our phone.

Team Goosinator: David Claussen, Mike Ratcliff, and Randy Claussen

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